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In this article, we have described how to Json_Extract in MySQL with an example. We have taken multiple types of JSON data for this activity you can see in the example below. JSON Array In this example, we have taken a sample JSON Array data and extracted (Find) the value from JSON using Mysql.

Array positions start counting from zero. If our JSON isn’t an array, and we try to select the position [0], the full object will be returned: MySQL JSON_EXTRACT on object with position 0 However, if we are working with an array, we can use the syntax [x to y]

mysql> SELECT JSON_UNQUOTE(JSON_EXTRACT(name, ‘name’)) AS name from t1; 查询结果去掉双引号 返回字段name中的key为name的集合,没有“” 因为 JSON 不同于字符串,所以如果用字符串和 JSON 字段比较,是不会相等的可以通过

JSON_EXTRACT_ARRAY_ELEMENT_TEXT returns a JSON array element in the outermost array of a JSON string, using a zero-based index. The first element in an array is at position 0.

关于JSON值 json数组可以包含数字、字符、布尔值等,以[]组合起来 json对象的健值表现形式以键值对表示,且值可以是字符型或数字、json空文本或json布尔值,但键

Mysql从5.7.8版本之后,就开始原生支持JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)类型了。这跟以往直接把JSON字符串存到Mysql的文本类型不一样,因为使用MySQL原生的JSON类型,数据校验之后是以二进制形式存储,避免了每次读数据时都要做字符串解析的额外

Notice that a JSON column cannot have a default value. In addition, a JSON column cannot be indexed directly. Instead, you can create an index on a generated column that contains values extracted from the JSON column. When you query data from the JSON column, the MySQL optimizer will look for compatible indexes on virtual columns that match JSON expressions.

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