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AMP Capital’s Naeimi Says Closed Bond Positions Nader Naeimi, head of dynamic markets at AMP Capital Investors, talks about the geopolitical issues affecting financial markets, Federal Reserve policy, and his strategy. 5m 57s Business, Money, Business

AMP资本公司负责人纳艾米(Nader Naeimi)表示:糟糕的欧洲经济数据和贸易局势变化的巨大冲击基本上抵消了多国央行降息带来的积极作用,这也是债券收益率曲线倒挂所指向的一大原因。如果我们正逐步接近经济衰退,投资者最关心的就是央行们会投放多少弹药来应对它

在AMP Capital Investors管理著約10億美元動態市場基金的Nader Naeimi對彭博表示,考慮到貿易方面的負面消息,市場情緒受到了影響,這讓想避免經受市場波動的境外投資者感到緊張。「除中國之外還有很多其他選擇,」常駐澳大利亞雪梨的Naeimi在採訪中

Nader Naeimi, a money manager at the $145 billion AMP Capital Investors Ltd., is so frustrated by the tariff fight with China that he’s considering dumping all his American holdings. Bloomberg | Quint is a multiplatform, Indian business and financial news company.

AMP Capital’s Naeimi Likes Gold, European Automakers, U.S. Homebuilders Nader Naeimi, head of dynamic markets multi-asset group at AMP Capital Investors, discusses stock valuations, emerging market currencies and where he’s finding opportunity. , ,

對於沙國決定增產石油、壓低油價施壓俄國斯減產的作法,澳洲安保資本(AMP Capital)主管納艾米(Nader Naeimi)認為,其來得很不是時候,剛好發生在武漢肺炎疫情造成高度不確定性,甚至難以判讀風險,致市場非常脆弱的期間。

澳洲研調機構AMP Capital Investors Ltd.資產配置主管納艾米(Nader Naeimi)指出,美股期指上漲,主要因市場預期會有逢低買氣,另外,在日本也傳出將以新藥治療武漢肺炎患者的消息。

AMP Capital Investors市場主管Nader Naeimi 表示自疫症消息上周曝光後,已把所有原油及銅的持倉結束,並減持股票。他又形容這次是典型的黑天鵝事件,可能導致高風險資產尤其是商品的價格顯著下滑

【橙訊】上月準確預測新興市場拋售潮的AMP Capital動態市場主管Nader Naeimi表示,內地當局救市方向正確,加上A股和H股估值吸引,認為現時是買入的好時機。 Naeimi目前管理12億美元資產,當中5%配置在A股。他接受外電訪問時表示,當市場情緒低落,而且

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1 This reflects work from various colleagues at AMP Capital including Scott McElroy, Matt Hopkins and Nader Naeimi. Key points > While shares have rallied 15-20% from their March low and may have started a bottoming process, it’s still too early to say with

Oct.10 — Nader Naeimi, head of dynamic markets at AMP Capital, discusses the rally in global equities and the possibility of a correction. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets

(AMP Capital Investors Ltd.投资部负责人Nader Naeimi 来源:sky news、金色财经) Q: Could you tell us more specific reason/logic about today’s dollar retreat? Naeimi回复: One of the biggest surprises of 2017 has been USD movements which has

“There was general panic in response to the Cypriot deal yesterday but now, after some reassessment, markets are realizing it’s a special case and so the risk of contagion is low,” Nader Naeimi, from AMP Capital Investors Ltd, in Sydney, told Bloomberg.

Read more about Another equity sell-off by March, says Nader Naeimi of AMP Capital on Business Standard. The plan is to buy in the second leg down, usually it’s best to wait for the markets to build a base before committing heavily back into the buy side

Shadow banking incidents are unlikely to derail the positive backdrop for India equities following the tax cuts, said Nader Naeimi, who oversees more than $1 billion in assets at AMP Capital.

管理約10億美元的AMP資本投資人公司動態市場基金主管奈米(Nader Naeimi)指出,澳洲通膨數據低迷,在房地產價格持續修正下,澳洲央行極有可能降

① 在新加坡的對沖基金經理Keith Dack轉向押注紐元兌美元下跌;另外,AMP Capital Investors的Nader Naeimi預計紐元兌美元到年底貶值約3%,至0.70美元; ② 在Jacinda Ardern於8月1日成為主要反對黨工黨的領袖之後,紐西蘭大選不確定性劇增;從那以來紐元

“Nader Naeimi, AMP Capital Investors. “A split Congress has historically been bullish for equities and we expect to see the same pattern again.” Torsten Slok, Deutsche Bank. “With a better balance

Nader Naeimi spravuje pro fond AMP Capital Investors více jak 120 miliard USD jeho klientů. Podle jeho názoru nyní nastalo na amerických akciových trzích vyčerpání prodávajících, které bude následováno krátkodobým zotavením. Další kolo výprodejů

More Swiber Fallout as Debt Panic Hammers Singapore Banks August 11, 2016 by Bloomberg REUTERS/Edgar Su/Files By Jonathan Nader Naeimi of AMP Capital Investors Ltd. says it’s time to buy

AMP Capital’s Dynamic Markets Fund has grown to A$1 billion in funds under management, reaching the milestone in less than five years. The fund, which is run by AMP Capital Head of Dynamic Asset Allocation Nader Naeimi and supported by Head of Investment

a vicious circle which can intensify further” and U.S. equities won’t be immune to the contagion, according to Nader Naeimi, AMP Capital’s head of dynamic markets. Only a pause in U.S

AMP Capital’da dinamik yatırım fonu yöneticisi Nader Naeimi’ye göre hisse senedi piyasaları sert bir satış dalgasına yöneldi; satış, bugün olmasa da yakında gerçekleşecek. Sydney’de bulunan yatırımcı varlıklarının yaklaşık yüzde 30’unu nakitte bulunduruyor.

6/4/2020 · Nader Naeimi of AMP Capital weighs in on Apple’s revised revenue warning and the implications of the ongoing coronavirus. Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print Previous article DP

9/3/2020 · “No one can price risk now, uncertainty is way too high because of the nature of the contagion,” said Nader Naeimi, the head of dynamic markets at AMP Capital Investors in Sydney.

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2/4/2020 · AMP Capital投資部負責人Nader Naeimi向記者透露,此次美聯儲之所以放寬大型銀行補充槓桿率,一方面是緩解銀行拋債籌資壓力;另一方面也鼓勵大型

Nader Naeimi, the head of dynamic markets at AMP Capital Investors in Sydney, said his firm is maintaining equity exposure “as the worst of the outbreak is behind us.” But the firm is adding gold and silver as they are better hedges than fixed income in the

雪梨 AMP Capital Investors Ltd. 動態市場主管 Nader Naeimi 表示,由於預期可能出現逢低買盤,美國期貨價格小幅上漲。此外,日本傳出病毒可能治療的消息,也激勵市場走強。日本《讀賣新聞》週末報導,政府計畫推薦 FujiFilm Holdings Corp. 的抗流感藥物

13/3/2020 · 美國研究:武漢肺炎傳染力 比SARS強20倍,歐美各國封城封國無可避免,勢必會令經濟步入熊市,仲有..熊底無人能預計有幾深,還有可能經濟大瀟篠,今次真系好大鑊。

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