nala and simba mating fanfiction

LION KING BELONGS TO DISNEY! Storm is Simba’s best friend, aside from Nala. Simba originally met her first but she easily got along with Nala. She was there for the major moments in Simba’s life, she was adopted by his parents due to her parents being killed.

Nala had a rough night with her pregnancy cause her cub was kicking inside her. Simba and her Mother Sarafina sat beside her to comfort while she sleeps. Simba rubs her belly because he’s exicted to having a cub,Sarafina was feeling blessed to have a grandchild.

If Nala was sired by another male, she wouldn’t be in Mufasa’s pride. Mating is not only for reproduction–lions use it to take over prides. And if Sarafina had Nala first, then joined Mufasa’s pride, Mufasa/Scar would have had to killer her.

What would happen if Scar didn’t die, and killed Simba instead? Will the remains of the Pridelands fall under the chaotic rule of the dark king? *This fanfiction takes place at the time of the first movie, but will include Zira, Kovu, Vitani, and Nuka. *Warning, this will have

27/12/2009 · Theory or not, incest occurances cannot be denied when it comes to lion life, you know. Like if a adolescent male is expelled from his native pride, but later on returns to power, complete with mating rights over all the available lionesses, isn’t it just natural for disney

Jan 4, 2014 – Tama and Malka, Nala and Simba, Kula and Chumvi, and Mheetu with Korra. Here is a commision for of her character sihle walking with simba and kovu. Sihle, Kovu and Simba Kimba Simba and Kovu Kimba the white lion

10 Unsettling Truths “The Lion King” Glossed Over Killing your brother is just another Wednesday on the savannah Hey isn’t it weird that Simba and Nala are the only two cubs in this huge

The Lion King is the only Walt Disney film that has a sex scene. Or anyway, a very sexual moment. that Simba and Nala’s union is going to be blessed with issue: a baby lion cub of their own,

Luckily, Bridget had got a notepad and pencil from her room before they had teleported to the forest, so at least she doesn’t have to worry about where she’s going to store the details. She sat down beside Jenna, who was still silently freaking out, and got ready to ask

However when they were attacked by Mufasa and Shenzi and Banzai denied knowing that Simba was his son, Ed confirmed it, during a scuffle with Banzai, he chews on his own leg obliviously, has numerous ‘episodes’ during which he stares vacantly, and

Then a few years after Amani and Vizuri was born, Simba and Nala decided to step down as monarchs. As they had now started to feel a bit too old for it all and just wanted to spend the autumn of their lives with some peace and quiet while watching their

In the original script, what sent Nala out of the Pride Lands and towards Simba was Scar banishing her when she refused his advances. The scene in which this happens also features an alternate take on how the hyenas were revealed to be working for Scar the

28/7/2018 · I’m not entirely sure how to interpret what happens during Can You Feel the Love Tonight, because at first glance it’s obviously a song about Simba and Nala’s heartfelt reunion, but after it’s over it’s pretty vague if their relationship actually changed. In my head it

The Lion King II : A Messed Up Sequal Morning on Pride Rock. Everyone is still asleep. Kiara awakes and notices everyone else is still snooozing Kiara – Hmm, the sun is about to rise, and daddy said he’d show me the sunrise with him. Kiara runs to Simba, looks

At the end of Simba’s Pride, Nala is in the ways of expansion. “I think more food for you, my blob queen beauty. You’ll be the fattest lioness the world or anyone has ever seen.” Leo gets closer to Nala to rub and caress her fat sagging many chin rolls and flabby


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